International study

There are several international studies that were started and to which we are asking to participate.

Registration study of rare fungal infections (ECMM/ISHAM study).

Anyone can report rare invasive fungal infections by an electronic registry via the website Any information related to such infections that are eligible for registration and the financials compensation provided for the participating centres is available on the website.

Epidemiological study on mucormycoses in Europe (ECMM/ISHAM study).

The reporting of mucormycosis can be done directly through the website using the Data Entry option. You will first have to fill a registration form.


Inform the national coordinator by e-mail ( when you wish to report a case and send the isolate to the attention of Marijke Hendrickx (, Mycology Section, Sciensano, Juliette Wytsmanstraat 14, B-1050 Brussels.


The isolate will receive an IHEM number and the sender will get back an acknowledge message of the receipt including the IHEM number (by e-mail or post).

TriReg – Europe-wide Study of Trichosporonosis